Air Filter Beta Enduro

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No-Toil manufactures the worlds best 2-stage foam air filters. Using only the best flame-laminated dual-layer foam bonded with the highest quality glue. No-Toil hand makes each foam filter to stand up to the roughest and toughest of any style of riding or terrain. These filters, used with No-Toil foam filter oil, provide the best air filtration system in the world!

Dual Stage Foam: Two different pore sizes create more trapping area for even the smallest dust particles
Flame Laminated Foam: Both “stages” are not glued, but heat sealed to provide maximum air flow
Reticulated Foam: increases dirt stopping surface area and increases foam strength
Strong glue seams will withstand harsh solvents and gas.
Light color foam makes it easier to see where the filter oil has not been applied
OEM size for more dirt stopping capability
Every filter is inspected for quality
One year warranty
Made in U.S.A.

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