Stark Varg

the most advanced electric dirt bike

base specs
  • Power
  • Weight
    110kg / 242lbs Fully Charged
  • Wheel Torque
  • Range
    Up to 6 Hours
  • Charging Time
    1-2 Hours
  • Battery Capacity
  • Suspension
    310mm Travel Front & Rear KYB
  • Ride Modes
    Over 100
  • Adjustability
    Power curve, engine braking, flywheel effect & traction control
personalised options

Worlds Fastest Motocross Bike?

The VARG has been developed with a clear purpose, to show that electric technology is superior to gasoline by outperforming all traditional motocross models available.

It's more powerful, it's lightweight and has significantly less motor-inertia than any of the gas bikes, providing you with better handling and an enhanced riding sensation.

Possibly the strongest adrenaline rush money can buy. And there's no noise, meaning you can ride almost anywhere, at any time.

The motor, vehicle control unit, inverter and battery have all been developed by our team of high power electronics specialists. They have collaborated with our engineers, combining vast experience from the motocross & motorcycle industry in order to integrate the powertrain into a chassis that matches the groundbreaking power. Our team has achieved this through a process focused on challenging the norm in order to innovate and improve function and performance. Several of those improvements are now patent pending.

Below are some of the numerous benefits the VARG offers over traditional gasoline bikes.

stark varg benefits

What do you want to ride next? A 450cc four-stroke beast? A snappy 125cc two-stroke, or something gentler?

The Stark VARG is the most advanced and versatile motocross bike on the planet. You can instantly modify your ride mode, adapting and customizing perfectly to every type of circuit and riding style. On the Stark VARG’s App you have the capacity to build up to 100 ride modes and have five of them actively installed on the bike at any time.

Think you’ll have enough? With 30% more power than a traditional four-stroke 450cc the Stark VARG delivers peak performance of 80hp, via a powertrain which generates 9hp per kg. The bike also delivers a remarkable 938 Nm of torque on the rear wheel.

Want instant ride adjustment at the power of your fingertips? Tweak the exact settings of the power curve, engine braking, traction control and the patent pending virtual flywheel in the Stark VARG App: a comprehensive and intuitive tool available in your display, or through your iOS or Android phone that enables you to take full control of your bike and your riding.

The Stark VARG offers you a similar range as a 450cc with a full tank of fuel, but without polluting the environment, with a battery capacity of 6kWh. A complete recharge takes between 1 or 2 hours depending on the outlet and charger. A fully charged Stark VARG will complete a full MXGP heat or allow you to enjoy up to 6 hours of easy trail riding.

The Stark VARG’s cutting-edge ‘flying V’ battery design features a patent-pending lightweight honeycomb magnesium battery case structure which connects every cell directly to the casing. The high conductivity to the fine air-cooled case provides a very consistent and regular battery temperature which removes unnecessary weight for vapor or water cooling.

The world's most energy dense battery system. The honeycomb battery case architecture ensures an extremely strong, lightweight and compact structure, contributing to the smooth handling of the VARG.

You have the freedom to ride anywhere, at any time, with the peaceful near-silence of the Stark VARG helping you to connect with nature and enjoy your surroundings whilst riding in areas you never imagined before.

At 110kg / 242 lbs fully charged, the Stark VARG is lightweight. An important benefit of our electric powertrain is that it has a fraction of the inertia of a gas motor, providing you with a featherweight riding sensation.

By using the motor case as a structural component, we’ve been able to develop a frame that is almost 50% lighter than the competitors, still maintaining the same or higher strength properties and optimized flex characteristics.

The carbon fiber sleeve electric motor generates a fraction of the inertia compared to a four or even two-stroke. This provides a unique lightness, agility and handling.

Benchmarking to be the best: We carefully tested and analyzed the current and best-performing motocross bikes. This methodology empowered us to craft an even better chassis that provides the ideal amount of vertical, lateral, and torsional flex to enable a stable, predictable and comfortable ride.

Kayaba Suspension: Through a partnership with Kayaba and Technical Touch, the Stark VARG’s suspension has been developed with 310mm of travel both for the front forks and rear suspension. The standard linkage progression curve is optimized for comfort and stability whilst maximizing traction. There are seven different stock settings for riders within a 5 kg weight difference meaning that you choose the suspension adapted to suit your weight and riding style.

The Stark VARG’s near-silent motor means you can ride anywhere, anytime, allowing you to reinvent the possibilities of off-road riding in places you’d never previously imagined.

Better for the environment and easier to maintain: With zero emissions and no filters to change the Stark VARG requires a very simple level of maintenance. It’s as easy to take care of as a bicycle.

Cheaper to own & less time wasted: No fuel, less spare parts, less time wasted maintaining your bike, more time to ride.

All spare parts will be available to order online with global delivery before you receive your bike, and we are currently creating easy to follow video manuals of all the standard maintenance steps.

technical highlights

The Stark VARG houses the most potent power-to-weight motor of any production motocross bike. Developed and made in Europe, our carbon fiber sleeve motor runs on 360 nominal voltage, churning out 80hp and 9hp per kilogram. It also delivers an incredible 275 Nm of torque on the counter shaft and 938 Nm on the rear wheel. It is designed and optimized to use more than 95% efficiency over the majority of the power range and benefits from a water-cooled aluminum casing that works as a structural part of the chassis. The inverter is also integrated into the motor case in order to reduce mass and simplify the cooling process.


  • Stark Future invented the world's smallest inverter for 50-100kW power ranges with patent-pending technology.
  • Water cooled motor case that forms part of the structural frame to minimize weight and volume.
  • Advanced processor power for algorithms to ensure reliability and safety.
  • 30% more peak power than a 450cc. 80hp and 938 Nm of torque on the rear wheel.
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio in the motorcycle industry.
  • Motor weighs only 9 kg.

The Stark VARG 6kWh battery packs enough capacity to match a full tank of gas on a 450cc. It will comfortably allow up to 6 hours of easy trail riding or complete a full ‘moto’ at MXGP intensity and will fully re-charge between 1-2 hours depending on the charger and outlet. Using a patent-pending lightweight honeycomb magnesium case, the state of the art ‘flying V’ concept connects every cell directly to the casing, achieving efficient cooling and a unique power-to-weight ratio in the motocross world.


  • Air cooled magnesium case.
  • Patent-pending honeycomb-structure.
  • Slippery fingers cell holders.
  • Patent pending pressure relief system. That makes it IP69K waterproof.
  • Flying V scheme in order to accomplish a very optimized center of gravity, providing you with very agile handling.
  • The range is similar to a full tank of gas on a 450. Easily accomplishing a full heat in MXGP, or over 6 hours of trail riding.
  • Full re-charge in 1-2 hours depending on the charger and outlet.

In development we carefully tested and analyzed the current best-performing motocross bikes. This methodology empowered us to craft a chassis that provides the ideal amount of vertical, lateral, and torsional flex in order to enable a predictable, stable, and comfortable ride. The Stark VARG features a low and optimized center of gravity very close to the riders lower leg position. By having the center of gravity closer to you the actual weight will feel much lighter.

The optimized weight distribution provides agility and a featherweight riding sensation. Ideas and experience from our engineers and designers as well as input from respected motorcycle designer Tony Foale allowed the team to produce the ultralight tubular chromoly steel structure. Maintaining the best flex and strength properties, the Stark VARG has the world's lightest motocross frame: less than 6 kg on the scales.


  • Stark VARG has the world’s lightest motocross frame.
  • The aluminum subframe uses straight tubular pipes and forged connections for the best compromise between weight, strength and resistance.
  • Integrated forged and machined lift handles, to reinforce the construction and provide a very comfortable and practical handle for lifting and positioning the bike.
  • Mid-mount linkage bracket on the swingarm permits a boost of 60mm ground clearance compared to competitors.
  • Advanced aluminum manufacturing for the swingarm means even more weight savings compared to competitors.
  • Carbon fiber front subframe to contain the front spoiler assembly and seat unit, streamlining ergonomics without unnecessary or unwanted flex. This also serves as a funnel to direct airflow to the battery, motor and radiator located under the seat.
  • 7075 T6 forged and CNC machined aluminum triple clamps with a superb weight-to-strength ratio and optimized flex characteristics.

Benefiting from a partnership with Kayaba and Technical Touch, the Stark VARG’s suspension has been developed with 310mm of travel both for the front forks and the rear suspension. The linkage progression curve is optimized for comfort and stability whilst improving traction. There are 7 different stock settings for riders within a 5 kg weight margin, meaning that you choose the suspension adapted to suit your weight and ability, and we deliver a bike best adapted for your riding style and weight. The recommended suspension setting based on your weight assumes you are an average rider on a motocross track. If you are a very fast rider, choose one step higher. If you ride Enduro / Offroad we recommend you choose one step lower. The VARG’s specific linkage mount, also gives the rider an incredible 60mm additional ground clearance.


  • KAYABA and Technical Touch, closed cartridge 310mm travel front forks with an AOS damping system.
  • Light Kashima coated outer-tubes and niCr coated inner-tubes for minimized friction and maximum wear resistance.
  • The 50mm rear shock with 16mm niCr coated rod for the same low-friction efficiency and high durability.
  • Linkage progression curve is optimized for comfort and stability whilst improving traction.
  • Triple adjuster with low compression and rebound system. 310mm of suspension travel in the rear as well for a balanced feel.

Saying ‘goodbye’ to components such as the front radiator and the exhaust allows the ergonomics of the Stark VARG to be chiseled to perfection. We have designed and engineered the bodywork to give you the best handling and control, enabling you to ride longer, with less effort.

We define our design language as 'Performance, human art'. The performance aspect refers to the honest design with visibly optimized engineering. Human art, our ambition to create a natural, organic muscular shape, defining 'muscle, tension and flow'. Our desire was not only to make the VARG fast, but also beautiful.


  • Design language defined as 'Performance, human art'.
  • Removal of front radiators & exhaust.
  • Optimized ergonomics — chiseled to perfection.
  • Better handling and control, longer riding, with less effort.
  • Hexagonal pattern inside bodywork, 15% weight saving.
  • Remove bodywork quickly, five bolts in less than a minute — for a detailed clean.
  • 24 karat gold ‘Stark Future’ logo on the carbon fiber top section symbolizes the full circle mentality of the company as well as our desire to become number 1.

Through the Stark VARG APP we offer you a 100 % customizable ride. The unique display of the Stark VARG is a shock resistant and waterproof Android phone, the “Stark VARG Phone”. When locked into place it charges and communicates wirelessly, whilst serving exclusively as the bike display and when unclicked by the press of a button it is a fully functioning smartphone.

In the Stark VARG APP we let you adjust the power curve, engine braking and virtual flywheel effect, as well as traction control. You can build more than 100 different ride modes, and choose to have five of those actively available on your bike at the same time. Change instantly through these five modes at the touch of a button on your handlebar. Build your ride modes to perform like a 125cc 2-stroke, 450cc 4-stroke or anything in between.


  • The Stark VARG APP is available on the Stark VARG Phone or any Android or iOS device.
  • You can easily transfer the information from your Stark VARG Phone to any other smartphone, where you can update the ride modes or analyze your riding data. This includes lap times, map data, speed, G-force, airtime and power consumption.
  • Ability to share trails or ride modes with your friends.
  • Check the battery level left on your bike via the display and see a range estimation based on your riding style.
  • Personalized ride modes: Make the best of each situation by saving more than 100 personalized bike configurations that will allow you to adjust the power curve, engine braking, traction control and virtual flywheel effect to the relevant terrain and conditions.
  • Internet connection: Premium users will receive a SIM card that will enable them to connect 24/7 in more than 150 countries and even use the Stark VARG Phone as their personal device.
  • Display navigation: Make the most of your adventures as your bike display maps out your route through GPS powered smart display navigation. An essential resource for remote trail riding.
  • Lap timer: Push yourself to the limit with our GPS enabled lap counter which allows you to track your lap times at any circuit.

All the above features will be available through our premium subscription plan, and certain features such as 24/7 internet connectivity, number of ride modes, adjustability and navigation are limited if you choose the free plan. All plans will automatically receive the latest over-air software updates and new customers are offered a one-month free trial of the premium plan. You will be able to select or update your plan in the Stark VARG app.

6082 T6 aluminum CNC-machined wheel hubs for extra strength and low weight. The spokes have been sourced for the highest-grade steel. 7050 T6 aluminum aero-grade rims complete the package.


  • Forged and CNC-machined 6082 T6 hubs.
  • Highest-grade steel spokes.
  • 7050 T6 aluminum aero-grade rims.

Leading brakes manufacturer Galfer provide 260mm and 220mm front and rear discs with pressure applied by a Brembo hydraulic system.

The RK MXU UW-ring Gold 520 chain is extremely strong, narrow, light and with the highest tensile strength on the market. A popular choice for teams in both MXGP and FIM Hard Enduro championships. Same sealing solution is also used in the Moto3™ category of MotoGP™, the construction permits 5% less friction compared to a non-ring chain and therefore longer range and higher performance. Optimized rubber rings reduce chain vibration and remove plate friction.

The rear sprocket is machined from German 7075 T6 aluminum for the highest wear resistance in the product range. The front sprocket is forged from hardened steel for a similar lifespan.

7075 T6 aluminum handlebar with 28.6mm diameter, comes with soft compound rubber grips.

The Stark VARG’s charger is included in the price of the motorcycle. It is delivered with a plug that fits in your normal power socket. For certain markets we include an adapter. It delivers 3.3 kW of charging power and will charge the bike to full battery in less than 2 hours.

The Stark VARG’s rear axle and swing arm boasts two incredible features. Firstly, an advanced chain adjuster for accurate and precision chain adjustment. The swingarm has an integrated system which incorporates a spring and shaft, every 90 degrees rotation you will hear a click and from the rear of the bike, using a screwdriver with a hex you can instantly and easily turn the same number of clicks on each side and perfectly align your wheel with optimal chain tension.

Clearly steering away from the traditional way on how things are done we decided to step it up another notch with a flush, much cleaner, integrated rear axle that avoids having a protruding 15mm nut and bolt, that can potentially catch on ruts, dirt or rocks and impact your riding experience and handling.


  • Clicking chain adjuster enables hassle free chain adjustment. You no longer need to use two wrenches, simply one hex.
  • Flush rear axle nut reduces risk of getting caught in ruts.

Revolutionary light skid plate featuring a low-density foam for high impact absorption. The skid plate acts as a shield for the powertrain whilst also helping to protect the rider.

When casing a jump the impact absorption foam drastically reduces the impact on the rider’s ankles over a traditional frame, as the foam will absorb the impact while the traditional frame stays stiff.

The patent-pending ‘floating’ skid plate also enables vast weight savings by removing the need for a lower frame.

MXGP World Championship winning tires: Pirelli Scorpion MX32. With 110/90-19 on the rear and 80/100-21 on the front wheel.

The foot pegs have been casted and machined from a special stainless steel: a rust-free material that has 40% higher yield strength than titanium or chromoly steel. This has enabled us to produce a foot peg that is lighter than the titanium units currently used in the market and in racing, whilst being 20% stronger than the market OEM references. The foot peg design is a fine example of how we challenge the industry and improve the riding experience.