Bridgestone 110/80-19 BT023 Tubeless Front Sport Touring Tyre (59W)

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The Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Motorcycle Tyre has been designed usingunique Bridgestone Technology and Research to provide a durable grippyTouring Tyre which also performs with sporting ability.

TheBridgestone Battlax BT-023 Motorcycle Tyre has a triple-compoundconstruction the shoulder of the tyre provides excellent cornering grip and the centre compound offers linear handling throughout the life of thetyre. The solid construction has been silica-reinforced which offers richfeedback and a secure contact feel in all weather conditions and varyingtemperatures. The Silica Rich Compound also ensures that the tyre provideshigh grip performance in low-temperature conditions at the early stage ofriding. The quality construction offers proven durability which increasesthe mileage and life of the tyre but also provides the rider with theperformance of a sports tyre without compromising on braking and handlingperformance.

The Tyres have an advanced tread pattern with deepgrooves this increases the stability from the tyre whilst again extendingthe mileage. The tyre has a Mono-Spiral Belt - lightweight and durablecords are wrapped around the circumference to provide a smooth gripfeeling. This contributes to a high-performance tyre with weight reduction improvement in grip improvement rotational stability high-speedperformance and excellent damping effect.

The BT-023 Tyres provideconsistent performance and the perfect balance between high-speed cruisingand sports riding due to the grip and steering response but also have goodbump absorption and low-noise cruise performance.

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