Bridgestone 100/90-19 H50 Bias Front Cruiser Tyre

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Bridgestone’s top two-wheel tyretechnologies

Using the highest quality materials andBridgestone’s advanced tyre development technologies BattlecruiseH50 lets you connect fully with the road giving you smooth easy handling great grip on wet and dry and a long tread life.

 To deliver ona promise as big as this Bridgestone turned to its proprietaryUltimate-EYE (U-EYE) technology. U-EYE testing enables our engineers to seeexactly how a tyre behaves in contact with the road so that we canoptimise the design.

 Specifically U-EYE gives us a verydetailed picture of the contact patch where rubber meets road and theresulting pressure distribution at various speeds loads and slip angles onwet and dry. Battlecruise H50 is only the second motorcycle tyre to benefitfrom U-EYE (Battlax Hypersport S21 was thefirst).


Higher corneringpower

With H50 on the front your heavy V-Twin needs only alight touch through the corners. Thanks to U-EYE Battlecruise H50 puts alarger contact patch on the tarmac and creates more uniformcontact-pressure distribution for easier handling and more precisecornering. Bridgestone track testing shows that the force acting on thehandlebar with Battlecruise H50 is much lower than with comparabletyres.


Long lasting

V-Twin riderscan also lay down the kilometres with H50; our goal is to give you a tyrewith a much longer wear life than other big-name brands. To achieve thishigh mileage Bridgestone enlarged the crown profile of the rear tyre anddeveloped a new tread compound.

And while you are eating up thekilometres on those long trips you can enjoy the sumptuous vibrationdamping and shock absorption of the H50 achieved by optimising thevertical stiffness of the front tyre for a smooth easyride.

Compared to Dunlop original equipment tyres [tyre]. Based oninternal tests at Japan proving ground in J

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