Bridgestone 120/90-18 E50 Rear Enduro Tyre

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The E50 is a DOT-approved tyre built specifically with the hardcore Enduro rider in mind, where the rider must traverse multiple surfaces in one ride.

A full-on enduro tyre, the BRIDGESTONE BATTLECROSS E50 is the most versatile off-road tire in the BATTLECROSS line-up.


  • Enhanced Off-road Traction:

    • New front and rear tread pattern for improved grip in off-road conditions.
    • Castle Block Technology incorporated for advanced traction capabilities.
    • Increased block rigidity for better stability and control.
    • Bunker technology provides additional biting edges for enhanced off-road performance.
  • Improved Cornering Grip:

    • Newly designed front and rear tread pattern for superior cornering grip.
    • Castle Block Technology contributes to increased grip during turns.
    • Block rigidity is heightened for better handling and stability around corners.
  • Easier Mounting:

    • Optimized sidewall rigidity for ease of mounting.
    • Profile enhancements to facilitate improved rim fitting.
    • Streamlined design for hassle-free installation at the track or on the trail.

These features make the E50 a high-performance tire, excelling in off-road traction, cornering grip, and ease of mounting, providing a versatile and reliable option for both on-track and off-road enthusiasts.

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