Bridgestone 120/90-17 BT46 Tubeless Rear Touring Tyre (64V)

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Battlax BT46 - Your new and improved touring tyre

TheBattlax BT46 is set to replace the iconic Battlax BT45. Since itsintroduction 22 years ago the Battlax BT45 has been the go-to tyre fortouring. Now Bridgestone has upgraded this design with moderntechnologoy.

The Battlax BT46 features an inverted V-shapein the front pattern - it tackles working forces on the tyre reducesirregular wear and gives the rider incredible feedback for superiorhandling. The rear tyre is enhanced with a newly adapted silica singlecompound to maximise performance grip and wear. Wet performance has beenupgraded from the BT45 with no impact on the predecessor's well-known dryhandling performance and wear resistance. And the BT46 is compatible withUM application: tubeless marked tyres are approved for mounting ontube-type rims if they are used with a tube.

Bridgestone hasspecially developed this tyre to cover the wide range of motorcyclescompeting in the touring segment. Available in 21 sizes for the front and27 sizes for the rear. Ten main sizes will be launched in January with arollout of the full line to follow soon after.

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