Bridgestone 120/605-17 V02 Soft Front Racing Slick

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Please Note: As of the 1st March 2024 all tyres sold in New Zealand incur a Tyrewise Tyre Stewardship Fee. This fee will be charged and invoiced as per Tyrewise requirements. For more information on this fee please visit, for more information on how we charge this fee please contact us.

Bridgestone's flagship non-DOT race tire. Whether you are juststarting out or competing for a podium finish the RACING BATTLAX V02has your back.

A spec combining a soft compound for cornering grip and a mediumcompound for abrasion resistance. Delivering a wider range by adoptingmulti-compound.

Not for use on public roads.

Key benefits:

  • Improved stability and grip while cornering*
  • Longer life and improved lap times*
  • GP-Belt™ rear increases contact patch and improves overallgrip and tire wear*
  • Tire warmers recommended


  • St andard Rim: 3.5″ / Appr.Rim: 3.50″- 3.75″
  • OD (mm): 603 / TW (mm): 117

*Compared to the Racing Battlax V01

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